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Brazil Auction Lot Natural

Brazil Auction Lot Natural

Contents - Whole Bean 100% Arabica Coffee

The Story - Once in a rare while, we find coffees that change our perspectives.  We traditionally preferred African grown coffees for their quality and flavors, but this Brazil stood out. The fun backstory let us know we were very lucky to have it. The day of the auction was rained out so it didn’t get near the attention it deserved. With a cupping score over >89 it stands as our highest graded offering and easily trumps other Brazil coffees. It’s got a rich aroma with hints of peanut butter provided by its full body. This brews into a perfectly balanced coffee but can go strong if desire! One funny story is we drank this for 10 days straight after first grinding it (usually a big no no) and the quality of the flavor was still there, which is a testament to its quality. This stands as a testament to why we search far and wide for coffees with incredible stories because there’s so much to learn and discover. We are so proud to offer this bean and share some of the finest Brazilian coffee you can find!

Roast Level Medium Light
Tasting Notes Nutty, Sweet Peanut Butter
Processing Method Natural Pulped
Farm Location Sitio Arauria
Varietal Yellow Catucai


Brew Recommendations
Brew Method Coffee (Grams) Water Poured (Ounces)
French Press 60-63 33
Pour Over 24 16
Water Temp 200F 200F

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