Narrow Way Coffee for the journey

  • Dan and Katlyn have been roasting for around 5 years and have varied backgrounds from aerospace to ballet. You can read about our coffee love story below. We live in Post Falls, Idaho and love our community. We drink the coffee you see here on a daily basis, so what you enjoy is what we enjoy!

  • We love learning and experiencing the rich culture and heritage of the various coffee producing regions of the world. Each one is distinct and highlights unique flavors and tasting profiles. We can't choose a favorite which is why we offer many different coffees. See our Shop page to start your journey!

  • The richest part of this journey has been the wonderful people we have met. We continue to improve our product and are working to provide more education to our customers. Join our coffee community by following us on Facebook or Instagram. You can also check out our Education or Brew pages for resources and help to brew the perfect cup of coffee! We are always here to answer any questions you may have.

Our Coffee Love Story

Dan and Katlyn have had a love for coffee even before they met.  Dan works as a Project Manager for an aerospace and defense company and has always enjoyed chasing new coffees and taking time to brew each cup just right.  Katlyn was a barista for several years in Mississippi while dancing with a Christian ballet company and always dreamt of marrying a coffee roaster and opening her own shop.  She even started plans to open a mobile coffee shop before her and Dan got married. As an engagement present Katlyn bought Dan the pictured coffee mug set that said “Let’s have coffee together…for the rest of our lives”. 

So how did it all start? Well, a few months into our marriage, Dan completely out of nowhere said he might like to try roasting coffee. Katlyn bought a small bag of green beans for him and we roasted our first batch of coffee in a “Whirley-Pop” popcorn maker.  We grew incrementally to a small air roaster, then to a toaster size tumble roaster and eventually stumbled upon our current 3lb commercial grade roaster. At this point we were just roasting for our own coffee enjoyment but with a dream to do something more with it. 

As we often do every 6 months or so we sat at a coffee shop and dreamt about our future together and made goals for the year.  One of those “goals” which seemed like a far off wish was to sell coffee at the farmer’s market in town.  We applied and couldn’t believe when we got accepted! It has been such a fun venue to share our passion of coffee with our community. We have made such wonderful friends and our passion has only grown in the inevitable highs and lows of running a small business. And now after welcoming our son Eli to the adventure we have our very own little coffee roaster in training and it makes the journey all the sweeter.

We feel incredibly blessed at how the Lord has led us on this adventure and we love having you along to experience the passion, intention and craft we put into each cup. This is just the beginning of a very exciting adventure and one we hope will grow and flourish over the next few years. We have always prayed that the Lord would bless each cup and he has been more than faithful to do just that!

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